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Posted on: July 27, 2016 | Back | Print

 Indian Embassy in Muscat organised, working together with various Yoga Organisations in Oman, celebrations to commemorate the 2nd International Day of Yoga (IDY) in Muscat as well as in other key cities of Oman such as Salalah, Sohar, Sur etc.  In Muscat around 3,000 persons including people of Oman, members of Indian community, members of other expatriate communities, Diplomatic Corps as well as students joined the signature event of IDY, the Yoga Session held at Oman International Exhibition Centre yesterday, 21 June 2016, at 2000 hours. It was for the first time in Oman that around 3,000 persons performed Yoga together under one roof. 

2.         Before the commencement of the Yoga Session, messages of Hon’ble Prime Minister and Hon’ble External Affairs Minister of India given on the occasion of 2nd International Day of Yoga were telecast. Further, two messages, in support of International Day of Yoga and to underline the need for people in Oman to practice Yoga regularly, from well –known Circuit Racer, Oman Racer Team, Mr. Ahmad Al Harthy, and renowned Tennis Star, Ms. Fatma Al Nabhani, were also telecast. While Ms. Fatma Nabhani could not attend the Yoga Session in person, due to her commitment to travel out of Oman, Mr. Harthy graced the celebrations with his presence.
3.         Re-affirming the support of the Government and people of Oman, Minister of Sports Affairs of Oman, H.E. Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al Mardouf Al Saadi, joined the celebrations as the Chief Guest. He conveyed the Government of Oman’s abiding support to all the efforts aimed at promoting Yoga in Oman.  Also present on this occasion were Guest of Honour, H.E. Mohammed bin Yousef Al Zarafi, Under Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other senior officers from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Oman International Exhibition Centre extended its full support to the Embassy in making logistical arrangements for the mammoth Yoga Session. 
4.         The Embassy was assisted in mobilizing people and training them for the above Yoga Session by a number of Yoga Organisations working in Oman towards promoting Yoga, including Art of Living. Further, various Linguistic Wings of Indian Social Club also made significant contributions to the success of the above event. A number of Indian enterprises also coordinated with the Embassy in making various logistical arrangements and provision of Yoga mats, T-shirts and refreshments.
5.         Further, Yoga Sessions to commemorate the 2nd International Day of Yoga were also organized in Salalah, by the Indian Social Club together with Art of Living at their Club premises, two Sessions at Sur by Sanskrit Yoga Group and Sur Yoga Samithi, and one Session in Sohar at Jindal Hall. Together, in these events, over 500 persons participated.
6.         The numerous Yoga Sessions organized on 21st June 2016 were culmination of a series of events which were organized earlier in run-up to the 2nd International Day of Yoga.  These events were organized by various Yoga organisations in Oman, including Art of Living, at their own initiative, in cooperation with the Embassy.  In fact, some of these Yoga events were held at the multi-purpose hall of the Embassy and Embassy Lawns.  With a view to provide encouragement to various Yoga organization in Oman to continue with their efforts to promote Yoga in Oman, Ambassador, Indra Mani Pandey, and other officers of the Embassy participated in various Yoga Sessions organised in run-up to the International Day of Yoga 2016.  Their contribution to the success of the celebrations to mark the 2nd International Day of Yoga is highly appreciated.
7.         It may be recalled that the United Nations had declared in December 2014, at the initiative of Prime Minister of India and with the support of all the member countries of the United Nations, 21st June as the International Day of Yoga.  The UN General Assembly Resolution, adopted unanimously and co-sponsored by 177 member countries of the UN including Oman, has invited the member states to observe the International Day of Yoga, in an appropriate manners in accordance with the national priorities, in order to raise awareness of the benefits of practicing Yoga. The Government of India has taken the lead in celebrating International Day of Yoga worldwide with a view to popularize Yoga, which is an ancient Indian tradition, among the people all over the world. In view of its health and spiritual benefits, Yoga has become popular in Oman and other countries of the world and it is seen as a holistic health system for enabling the people to live healthier and happier lives. Indian Embassy in Muscat shall continue to work with all Yoga organisations, teachers, enthusiasts and practitioners to popularize Yoga among the friendly people of Oman and expatriate communities living in Oman.
Muscat, 22nd June 2016