Indian Schools are the anchor of Indian community in Oman. Schools have been providing education to the Indian expat community in the country for several decades. Indian Schools took roots in Oman in 1941 when a Gujarati Medium School was started for the children of the members of the business community. The Indian community established its first school with CBSE curriculum in Darsait in 1975. At present, there are 21 Indian Schools offering CBSE curriculum catering to the educational needs of more than 40,000 Indian students across the Oman. These schools offer education from kindergarten to grade 12, with a focus on academic excellence, character building, and holistic development.

These Schools are governed by a Board Of Directors (BoD). It is the apex policy making body for all the Indian Schools in Oman. The primary objective of the BoD is to ensure that every Indian expatriate child in Oman receives a high-quality primary and secondary education equivalent to the national standards in India. The BoD emphasizes holistic education, which aims at the overall development of the child through academic and non-academic means. The Board consists of eminent members of the Indian community in Oman with varying professional and entrepreneurial expertise who voluntarily offer their services for the development of future generations of the Indian diaspora in Oman.

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List of Indian Schools in Oman