Procedure for recruiting more than 10 workers through Indian Recruiting Agents(RAs)

The following are the documents to be attached along with the FE Registration forms:-.

  1. A specimen copy of the Employment Contract.

  2. Commercial Registration (CR) copy of the sponsoring company.

  3. Letter of Authorized Signatory of the sponsoring company).

  4. Labour Clearance copy (Madhunia) from Ministry of Manpower.

  5. Demand Letter and Power of Attorney in original.

  6. License copy of Indian Agency.

To find a registered agent in India, the FE needs to click on the below link:

Please check the Minimum Wage Criteria before recruitment.

On the basis of the above Labour Clearance and attested Demand Letter, the recruiting agent is required to obtain permission from the concerned Protector of Emigrants for recruitment.

For recruitment through Agency in India: Download Form