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Ambassador speech at the 4th International Meelad Conference in Muscat

Posted on: March 19, 2016 | Back | Print

Salam Aaleykum, Good Evening, Namaskaram,

I am happy to join you at the 4th International Meelad Conference in Muscat. I want to thank ICF Oman for inviting me and commend their initiative to organise this Conference. I extend a warm welcome to Raeesul Ulama Mr. E Sulaiman Musliyar in Muscat and various delegates and Moulid Teams who have come from India, Oman, and other countries. I extend my greetings to all of you on this auspicious occasion.

I extend my greetings to all my Muslim brothers and sisters on the auspicious occasion of the Birthday of the Prophet, Eid Meelad-ul-Nabi, (peace be upon Him). May you all be blessed with a long and healthy life, full of peace, happiness and prosperity. This Conference is dedicated to celebrating, remembering and showing our gratitude. It is also an opportunity for rejuvenating our souls and strengthening our belief.

This holy occasion also gives us an opportunity to introspect on how well we have followed the path shown by Allah and the example provided by the Prophet (peace be upon Him) through his own life and conduct, including protecting the weak in our society. With no sphere of life in which he did not provide an excellent tradition, his Birthday provides an opportunity to look into our hearts to see whether we are doing justice to his example. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him) provided a model of tolerance and goodwill and patience towards all mankind, and all religions. The Prophet (peace be upon Him) introduced modernity in a dark era, while, in the present day, regressive forces want to plunge us back into darkness in the name of religion. It is our responsibility to teach children and educate people about his message and example of his own life. It should be our effort to present the true message of Islam.

India is a shining example to the world of peaceful co-existence of different religions and cultures. Islam, since its advent in India, has enriched Indias cultural, social and religious traditions leading to evolution of a composite Indian culture. Our civilizational message has been unity in diversity. We are not scared of immense ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic and social diversity in India. We celebrate this diversity, which underlines the idea of India. It is fully evident in the way Indian community in Oman comes together, irrespective of their religious belief, to celebrate various festivals and religious occasions and joins hands in providing assistance to fellow Indians living in Oman. Indian community has been living peacefully in Oman which reflects our ancient belief of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam, the world is a family.

I wish this International Meelad Conference a great success. I hope this Conference will be successful in underlining the fact that Islam is a religion of peace and progress and universal brotherhood based on the concept of oneness of humanity. Service to our fellow human beings, particularly those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, should be our essential goal. I would like to conclude by wishing you all again happy Eid Meelad-ul-Nabi and a happy New Year. Thanks for your patience.