Embassy of India hosts the Fourth Lecture of the ‘Mandvi to Muscat’ Series

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Embassy of India hosts the fourth lecture of the ‘Mandvi to Muscat’ Series 

Embassy of India in Muscat hosted the fourth lecture of the series, titled "From Mandvi to Muscat: Indian Community and the shared history of India and Oman." Renowned historian Professor James Onley, from the American University Sharjah, delivered an insightful lecture on the topic "India and Arabia: Connections across Millennia."

2. In his discourse, Professor James Onley delved into various aspects of maritime trade between India and the Gulf, including ancient trade links that have shaped historical narratives. He elucidated the intricate dynamics of the Gulf region’s trade with India, shedding light on the influence of Gulf Imports from India before the oil era and their integration into Gulf material culture. Additionally, Professor Onley provided valuable insights into the historical presence and interactions of Indian and Arab communities in both the Gulf and India, underscoring the cultural exchanges that have defined the region's heritage.

3. ‘Cultural Cousins’ Professor James highlighted the cultural kinship between Indians and Arabs in general and Indians and Omanis in particular, emphasizing their cultural influence on each other.

4. The lecture drew enthusiastic participation from a diverse audience, including members of the Indian community, Omanis of Indian origin, scholars, and distinguished guests. Participants gained valuable insights into the shared history and cultural heritage of India and Oman.

5. One of the highlights of the event was the personal narrative shared by Mr. Munir Toprani from the Toprani Family, who recounted his family's historical journey and emphasized their contributions to strengthening the ties between India and Oman. His account added a personal touch to the broader narrative of Indo-Omani relations.