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Indian Embassy hosts Roadshow on Vibrant Tamil NaduGlobal Food Expo and Summit

Posted on: April 24, 2018 | Back | Print

Embassy of India
Press Release
Indian Embassy hosts Roadshow 
on Vibrant Tamil NaduGlobal Food Expo and Summit

Embassy of India, Muscat, organized a Roadshow on‘Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Food Expo and Summit’ on 16th April 2018 at its premises,with a view to promote participation of Omani companies from food, agro-products and related sectors. ‘Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Food Expo and Summit’will be held in Madurai in Tamil Nadu State of India during 12-15 August 2018. Mr. Saif Sultan Al Shaibani, Director General for Trade Operations at Public Authority for Food Stores, was the Chief Guest.

2.       Around 60 Omani Officials and representatives of companies fromfood, agro-products and related sectors attended the Roadshow. Presentations were made to highlight the opportunities offered by ‘Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Food Expo and Summit’ for various stakeholders in agro-food, agri-business and related sectors of Oman to learn more about latest technological developments and innovations in agriculture, food and beverage sector, food processing, packaging, logistics, cold chain, cold storage and warehousing, etc. The facilities being offered by the organisersfor the participants, including exhibition visits, business-to-business meetings, factory visits, networking, sight-seeing etc. were also highlighted.

3.      Due to geographical proximity, growing air and sea connectivity and similarities in culinary traditions between India and Oman, India has traditionally been an important source for Oman’s import of food and agro-products. India’s food industry is currently valued at $258 billion and India is one of the top producers of various agro and food products of the world. India is ranked number one in world in population of livestock and production of milk and buffalo meat, number two in production of fruits and vegetables, eggs and goat meat. India is the third largest producer of broiler meat. India has the second largest arable land available for agriculture and it produced last year 278 million tonnes of foodgrains, including rice and wheat. Tamil Nadu is a key producer of various food and agro-products in India like rice, maize, pigeon pea, groundnut and millets, vegetables, fruits, spices, plantations and flowers. A sizeable part of Indian food, beverages and food processing industry is located in Tamil Nadu.  

4.       Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador of India, Shri Indra Mani Pandey, highlighted the emphasis placed by the Governments of India and Oman to enhance bilateral trade and mutual investments. Noting that India has the potential to meet the requirements of food and agro products of Oman, Ambassador drew attention to the excellent and expanding air and sea connectivity between the two countries and similarities in their culinary traditions. Stating that India is a leading producer of various foodgrains and agro products as well as animal products, Ambassador informed that the two countries are engaged in exploring opportunities for bilateral cooperation to ensure food security of not only Oman but also other GCC countries. He invited Omani businesspersons and companies from food and related sectors to participate in ‘Vibrant Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Summit’.Those who are interested in participation may contact Mrs. Sonia, Secretary (Business Promotions) through e-mail: com.oman@mea.gov.in and telephone: 24684559. They may also visit www.vibranttamilnadu.com for further information and registration. 

Muscat, 17th April 2018