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Press Release - Additional flights under Vande Bharat Mission: Phase 2

Posted on: May 17, 2020 | Back | Print

Embassy of India

Mission Vande Bharat: Phase 2

          In order to facilitate return of stranded Indian nationals in Oman, Government of India has decided to operate three more special flights to India during phase 2 of Mission Vande Bharat, in addition to the eight flights announced earlier.  Following are details of all the eleven flights being operated during the period 17-23 May, 2020:



17 May 2020

Muscat – Trivandrum

18 May 2020

Muscat – Hyderabad

20 May 2020

Muscat – Bangalore

20 May 2020


20 May 2020

Salalah – Calicut

21 May 2020


21 May 2020

Muscat  – Delhi

22May 2020

Muscat – Kannur

23 May 2020

Muscat – Kochi

23 May 2020


23 May 2020

Muscat – Gaya

As in the previous cases, passenger lists for all the above-mentioned flights will be finalized by the Embassy on the basis of information received by the Embassy through the form which was disseminated by the Embassy on its website and social media. Priority will be given to medical emergency cases, pregnant women, workers in distress, senior citizens as well as to other Indian nationals who are stranded in difficult situations. The Embassy will be contacting the short-listed people for each flight directly through email/telephone.

The Embassy will make further announcements relating to additional flights to India as and when these are scheduled.