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Attestation Services

A.   General Information

          The Embassy of India, Muscat performs notary functions like attestation of documents executed by Indian citizens as well as OCI Card holders. The following services can be availed by Indian citizens/OCI card holders who are ordinarily residing in Oman. The general guidelines for availing the attestation facility are as follows:-

  • All attestation services are available at the Embassy Building on all working days from 0830 hrs to 1230 hrs-(Submission) and up to 1630 hrs – (Collection)
  • The person should come to the Embassy with his Original Passport and Resident Card
  • The document to be attested must be presented in original along with two photocopies and a copy of Passport & Resident Card and  a recent passport size photograph of the applicant
  • All Educational certificates originating from India must be verified by the Higher Education/ Technical Education department and authenticated by the General Administration Department of the concerned State, before submitting for true copy attestation
  • All documents may be subjected to scrutiny/verification before rendering the requisite service
  • All payments are accepted in cash only

B.  Services available.

Sl. No.

Name of the Service

Fees (including BLS Service Charges + CWF charge)



True Copy attestation

RO 5.250

  • Original+ 2 photocopies


Life Certificate

RO 1.350


Educational Certificates from Oman, (issued by Indian Schools)


  •  School seal & sign of Principal on the original


Other Educational Certificates from Oman

RO 5.250

  • MoFA, Oman stamp on the original.


Salary/Experience Certificate

RO 5.250

  • Attestation by MoFA, Oman
  • Two recent passport size photos


Parents Sworn Affidavits/Declaration, etc

RO 5.250 for single and RO10.500 for joint

  • To be submitted in the prescribed format
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Download Form


No Objection Certificate (except for obtaining other nationality)

RO 5.250 for single and RO10.500 for double and so on

  • Properly drawn as per the requirement


Power of Attorney (General/Special)

RO 9.150 for single and RO 18.300 for double and so on

  • Properly drawn as per the requirement


Will Deed

RO 20.850

  • Two witnesses with their original Passports


Birth Registration

RO 9.150


Duplicate Birth Certificate/Birth Certificate as per Passport

RO 11.050


NRI Certificate

RO 11.050


No Objection Certificate for obtaining other nationality

RO 11.050