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Issue of New Passports / Re-issue of passports/Jumbo Passports

Document required

  • As per instructions in general guidelines a duly filled online application form available at https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/, should be submitted at BLS. All particulars in the application should tally with those in the current passport. Passport will be retained during the period of the service
  • Two white background photographs. (Please refer to the photo specification mentioned in general guidelines)
  • Current Passport in original along with photocopies of the first, last, address page (if separate page), any other endorsement pages and visa page of the passport and additional booklets, if any.
  •  A copy of ID card / residence card also to be enclosed.

Important Notes:

  • If the passport has expired for more than three year, Prior approval is required from Consular Officer.
  • Applicant should be ordinarily resident of Oman and the applicant should come personally.
  • Spouse name can be included by writing the spouse name clearly on the application. However it is advisable to submit the spouse passport copy or name id so that correct spelling is incorporated on the passport.
  • In case of married women, change in surname : Change of Name Form, in the prescribed format, signed by the applicant
  • Revert to maiden name of a woman consequent upon divorce/death of husband - Divorce Decree issued and certified by the competent Court or Divorce order from Wakf Board or Death Certificate issued by the Registrar of Deaths. If such a decree is issued in other countries, then the order should have been authenticated by the Ministry of Awqaf and attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the concerned country. The document should also have been attested by the Indian Mission in that country. Death Certificate issued by the Registrar of Deaths.(Prior approval from the consular officer in case of divorce).
  • In order to change the address any document evidence with changed address like original Election Commission ID card, water, electricity or telephone bill in applicant's name, nationalized bank passbook with 6 months bank statement (with permanent address mentioned in the passbook attested and signed by bank official along with applicant photograph) and Aadhaar card issued by UIDAI, Government of India is accepted. For minors, parent's passport copy will suffice to change address. All documents should be in original for verification and copy should be attached along with the application.