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Government of India has launched a comprehensive scheme for Persons of Indian Origin called the PIO Card Scheme. The PIO card scheme enables a person of Indian origin up to the 4th Generation down, as also spouses of such persons to apply for and obtain a PIO card. The scheme however, does not cover nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, China, Afghanistan, Iran and such other countries as may be specified.

Facilities to be extended to a PIO card holder

  1. A PIO Card holder shall not require a separate visa to visit India. A PIO Card holder will be exempted from the requirement of registration if his stay on any single visit in India does not exceed 180 days.
  2. In the event of continuous stay in India of the PIO Card holder exceeding 180 days, he/she shall have to get himself/herself registered within 30 days of the expiry of 180 days with the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Officer/Foreigners Registration Officer.
  3. All PIOs including PIO Card holders, shall enjoy parity with NRIs in respect of all facilities available to the latter in the economic, financial and educational fields except in matters relating to the acquisition of agricultural/plantation properties. No parity shall be allowed in the sphere of political rights.


  1. Application in the format prescribed.
  2. 6 latest passport-size photographs (Frontal view against light background).
  3. Present passport (in original) [and a copy thereof], held by the applicant.
  4. Copy of the Indian passport, if any, held in the past.
  5. Copy of the deed renouncing Indian citizenship (if any).
  6. Copy of Birth Certificate (if born in India) or driving license /ration card or such other documentary proof as may be available, if the applicant ever resided in India.
  7. Copy of the Indian passport, if any, held by either or both parents/grant parents/great grandparents.
  8. Copy of Oman passport held by the husband in case of ladies of Indian origin married to Oman nationals and copies of the Marriage Certificate (Nikahnama).
  9. Proof of either or both parents or any or all of grandparents or great grandparents having born or permanently resident in India, as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935.
  10. Proof of bank accounts, property, shares etc. held in India by the applicant or his spouse, or any of his parents, grandparents/great grandparents.
  11. Submit in person to establish identity.

Important Notice

All Indian expatriate community living in the Sultanate of Oman is hereby advised that they should start the procedure of surrender of Indian passport/renunciation of Indian citizenship once they obtain citizenship of another country. In this context it may kindly be noted:

  1. Indian Government does not allow dual citizenship, though there may be some countries like USA, Canada, Portugal etc who recognize dual citizenship and dual passports;
  2. A person who applies for another country’s nationality/citizenship, becomes citizen of that country from the date of issue of such certificate (naturalization/accession) by that particular country and ceases to be Indian citizen from that date;
  3. A grace period of three months is available to use Indian passport from the date of getting certificate of citizenship/naturalization from that country during which all efforts should be made to get passport of that country within the shortest possible time;
  4. It may be noted that the three months’ grace period start from the date of naturalization of that country irrespective of the date of getting passport from that country. Any travel beyond three months from the date of naturalization/certificate of accession to that particular country will result in levy of penalty amount as per Government of India rules
  5. All Indian nationals residing in Oman, who have obtained passport of another country should surrender the Indian passport at the earliest in the Embassy of India Muscat for pre-approval and then submit the same to BLS International LLC in Wattayah, Muscat.
  6. After obtaining surrender certificate, they can apply for PIO/OCI card, as the case may be.


R.O. 120/- (including ICWF charge of R.O 1.000/-) for PIOs above 18 years and R.O.61.000/- (including ICWF charge of R.O 1.000/-) for PIOs below 18 years. This has to be deposited with the application, duly supported by all necessary documents, as detailed above.
Duplicate PIO card (in lost cases) R.O. 39.500/-(including ICWF charge of R.O 1.000/-)


15 years

Note: Acceptance of application form does not confer any right on the applicant to the PIO Card.


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