'BHARAT IS A PROMISE’, Remarks by Ambassador Amit Narang at 75th Republic Day Celebrations at Indian School Seeb, 26 January 2024

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75th Republic Day Celebrations at Indian School SEEB

January 26, 2024

Remarks by Ambassador Amit Narang

Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors,

President and members of the School Management Committee,

Past Chairpersons,

Principal, Teachers and 

Dear Children,

A happy Republic Day to all of you.

I am privileged to be at the Indian School Seeb to celebrate India’s 75th Republic Day. 

How apt to celebrate this momentous day with those who will be the custodians of the destiny of this Republic in the next 25 years and more.

Dear Students,

On this day, in 1950, India adopted its own Constitution, which laid the foundation for our nation.

As young Indians, it is important for you to learn about the history and significance of this day. 

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of our land and it lays down the framework for the governance of our nation. It guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens and lays down the principles of governance to ensure the welfare of our people.

As Hon’ble Rashtrapati ji has reminded us in her message to the nation today, the Constitution of India begins with the words ‘We the People of India’, highlighting that the aspirations; efforts and wishes of the people of this country form the heart of our democracy. 

Dear Children,

The traditions of debate, dialogue and participatory governance, that have been the hallmark of Bharat since ancient times, today find utterance in the rise of India as the largest democracy in the world. 

As a mother of democracy, India is also today among the fastest growing large economies, a major scientific and space power, a trailblazer in development and deployment of clean energy, a leader in digital economy, a role model of inclusivity and pluralism and also a major force for global peace and sustainable development.

In the past few years, India has taken determined strides in its quest to become a developed country by 2047, when we will complete 100 years of our independence. 

This call to build a ‘Viksit Bharat’ that has been given by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is a quest that will rest of your shoulders.

A new report released by Goldman Sachs predicts that the number of affluent Indians, defined as those with an annual per capita income exceeding US$ 10,000 is set to cross 100 million people by 2027. 

To put this in perspective, only 14 countries in the world have total populations of more than 100 million, which is also nearly twice the combined population of the GCC.

In only 10 years, India has moved from being the 11th largest economy in the world to being the 5th largest and is on track to leapfrog to 3rd largest in another few years.

This new India is also a credible and reliable force for global good. 

This new India, as External Affairs Minister Dr. Jaishankar has noted, is a ‘Vishwa Mitra’, a partner of the world and a contributor to regional and global solutions.

If we go by the achievements of the past one year alone, all of us will have the confidence that we are on the right path. 

The successful organization of the G-20 Summit, in which Oman participated as our Special Guest, was a momentous occasion in India’s rise. It showcased our convening power and our ability to craft global consensus at a difficult time in history. 

India’s stewardship and advocacy of the interests of the collective Global South has won many hearts and has enabled the issues dear to developing countries to come to the centre of the global agenda.

Year 2023 was also a remarkable year for our rise as a Space power. The outstanding success of the Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya Missions filled our hearts with pride.

Nari Shakti was given a huge boost by the landmark adoption of the Women’s Reservation Bill in our Parliament.

Our sportspersons continued to shine on the international stage.

We crossed a landmark tally of 100 medals in the Asian Games and we also won 111 medals in the Asian Para Games. 

As we speak, the Indian men’s and women teams are in Muscat to take part in the Hockey 5s World Cup. I am sure they will also take glory home.

Dear Children,

As we celebrate our achievements, it is also important to remember that there is still much work to be done. India's progress and development are not only the responsibility of our government but also of each and every one of us. 

As Rashtrapati ji reminded us of the message of Mahatma Gandhi, ‘No people have risen who thought only of rights. Only those did so who thought of duties’.

As students, you are the future of our country. It is up to you to continue to work towards a better, more prosperous India.

You all are the wealth of our nation. The future and success of our nation rest on you.

Let me conclude by once again extending my warmest greetings to all of you on the occasion of India's 75th Republic Day. 

In the words of our External Affairs Minister Dr. Jaishankar – 

Bharat is a mindset. 

Bharat is a self-awareness. 

Bharat is a confidence.

And in the context of all of you children, Bharat is also a promise.

Let us build the Bharat of our dreams.

Jai Hind!