वतन के लिए सरफ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब भी हमारे दिल में है 
Remarks by Ambassador Amit Narang at the Cultural Evening hosted by Indian Social Club on the eve of 76th Independence Day of India
Aug 14, 2022

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76th Independence Day of India

Cultural Evening hosted by Indian Social Club 

August 14, 2022

Remarks by Ambassador Amit Narang

उरूजे कामयाबी पर कभी हिंदोस्ताँ होगा। 

बहार आ जाएगी उस दम जब अपना बाग़बाँ होगा। 

कभी वह दिन भी आएगा जब अपना राज देखेंगे। 

जब अपनी ही ज़मीं होगी और अपना आसमाँ होगा॥ 

कुछ इस तरह के लाखों सपने थे, आशाएँ थीं, आरज़ू थी, जो ७५ साल पहले १५ ऑगस्ट १९४७ को पूरी हुईं। आज हम आज़ादी के ७५ वर्षों का स्वर्णिम उत्सव मना रहे हैं। ७५ स्वर्णिम वर्ष जो मुमकिन हुए अनगिनत बलिदानों के बल पर। 

ऐसे समय पर, जब पूरा राष्ट्र गौरनवित होकर अपनी इस अद्भुत यात्रा का जश्न मना रहा है, स्वाभाविक है और आवश्यक है की हम सर्वप्रथम उन वीर स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों का नमन करें, जिन्होंने हमें आज़ादी की मीठी ख़ुशबू देने के लिए अपना तन, मन, धन न्योछावर किया।

Good evening, Asalam-Wa-Alekum, Namaskar,

I am delighted to join you on the eve of the 76th Independence Day of India.

Today, India is 75 years young. 

75 years - a long time in the life of a person perhaps, a small but momentous journey in the life of a nation. 

While all Independence Days are cherished, this day is even more special; commemorating, as it does not just the unshackling of the colonial chains on our feet, but also our glorious journey as an independent nation.

75 years of nation building that has transformed the country from a poor fledgling economy to the fastest growing major economy in the world.

From being burdened by disease, to administering 2 billion doses of Covid vaccine in a mere 18 months

From being dependent on food imports to feed its population, to becoming one of the leading food exporters to the entire world

From a weak manufacturing base, to crossing 400 billion dollars in annual merchandise exports

From a GDP of less than 40 billion at independence, to a GDP of over 3.5 trillion US dollars now; in the process becoming the 3rd largest economy in the world in PPP terms;

From a land known for its snake charmers, India is known today as the cradle of unicorns. No, not the mythical beasts with one horn, but billion-dollar start-ups of which we have more than 100 already. 


भारत की आज़ादी केवल राजनेतिक आज़ादी नहीं थी। राजनैतिक स्वतंत्रता के साथ भारत ने अपने आप से सामाजिक न्याय की राह पे चलने का भी प्रण  किया था । यह प्रण हमारे संविधान के सर्वोच लक्षयों में अलंकृत है।

हमारी ७५ वर्षों की स्वतंत्र यात्रा, सामाजिक न्याय, समानता ओर समता की यात्रा भी है।

इस संदर्भ में, भारत की सर्वप्रथम आदिवासी महिला राष्ट्रपति का चुनाव आज़ादी के इस अमृत महोत्सव को और भी गौरनवित करता है।

Today, we have in Smt. Droupadi Murmu ji, a tribal woman Commander-in-Chief, a daughter of India hailing from a remote part of eastern India. What better tribute to the diversity of India and the central importance placed in our Constitution on social inclusion and harmony.


Launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi 75 weeks ago, the 'Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav' is dedicated to the people of India, not just in India, but all across the world.

मुझे इस बात की ख़ुशी है की आप सब के सहयोग से, ओमान में आज़ादी का अमृत महोत्सव गत कई महीनो से उत्साहपूर्वक मनाया गया। 

The highlight of these activities was the month-long and country-wide ‘Sewa Utsav’ with the motto 'Celebration through Service'

The activities under this festival of service including a Happiness Workshop for Children with Special Needs, Mega Blood Donation Camp that created a new record for Oman, Tree Plantation Drive, Wadi Cleaning, Beach Cleaning and health and consular camp for workers managed to reach the spirit of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav to every nook and corner of Oman, touching the lives of Indians and Omanis alike. 

We have also recently organized a mega Yoga Marathon in the form of Muscat Yog Mahotsav in which over 150 curated events were organized over 75 days, showcasing the Indian tradition of yoga and wellness like never before.

I would like to convey my appreciation to all Indians and friends of India and also the Indian Social Club for their enthusiastic participation and contribution.


One of the proud components of the story of India are India’s sons and daughters abroad. The Indian diaspora, all of you committed Indians. You have not only contributed to the vitality of the country but have helped take its civilizational ethos to shores abroad. 

You are India’s extended family.

You are brand ambassadors of India, providing a global identity to brand India, as a land of peace, colors, culture and wisdom.

India is proud of your contributions.

Like Indian diaspora the world over, Indian community is Oman is well known for being peaceful and inclusive and willing to work hard for collective benefit. 

The various wings of the Indian social club are an accurate depiction of India’s pluralistic society and embody unity in diversity. 


On this joyous occasion for all Indians worldwide, I also take this opportunity to wish on your behalf our sincere greetings to His Majesty Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik, the Government and kind people of Oman for their friendship and support. 

India’s immensely warm relationship with Oman is one of the proud diplomatic markers in the life of independent India. Oman remains one of India's foremost allies in the Gulf region and the world at large. 

Today our strategic relationship is reflected in multifaceted bilateral engagements across various fields that is poised to strengthen even more in the coming years and decades. 


75 years in the life of our nation is also a time to look ahead. While we hold our heads high with pride, we also make a pledge today to contribute with all our might to an even more glorious future. 

On our shoulders rest the dreams of a stronger, more prosperous, and self-reliant India. 

As I wish you and all Indians in Oman a happy Independence day and a happy 75th anniversary of our freedom, let me conclude, with some poetic license, with these lines:

वतन के लिए सरफ़रोशी की तमन्ना अब भी हमारे दिल में है 

ख़ुश-ओ-आबाद रहे भारत, आरज़ू यही हर दिल में है 


जय हिंद 

नमस्कार ।