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Ambassador's Speech on celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and United Nations International Day of Non-violence

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Speech on the celebration of Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and United Nations International Day of Non-violence

[2 October 2021]

Your Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Ahmed Salem Al Shanfari, Chief of West Asia Department, Foreign Ministry;

Excellencies and Dignitaries from Government of Oman;

Colleagues from the Diplomatic Corps;

Sister Gayatri and members from Raja Yoga Center;

Dear Friends,

Good evening!

I am delighted to welcome you all to this event to commemorate the 152nd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and to observe the UN International Day of Non-Violence.

We are celebrating this event in association with Raja Yoga Center in hybrid mode. I would like to welcome Sister Shivani, our keynote speaker for today’s evening who has joined us virtually.

Last year in January, a great statesman and peacemaker, Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said passed away, may his blessed soul rest in peace. It was fitting that this year in March, Government of India announced the conferment of Gandhi Peace Prize 2019 on Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos in recognition of his role and contribution in promoting international peace as well as his stellar role in enhancing India-Oman bilateral relations. The Sultanate of Oman under the leadership of HM Sultan Haitham Bin Tarik continues to move forward on the path of peace and harmony.

Friends, Gandhiji was a great apostle of peace and non-violence. His values and words inspired millions of people across the world, including global leaders. His teachings of peace, non-violence and sustainability have eternal relevance as the world is facing the catastrophic consequences of pandemic and climate change, which require global concerted efforts. We can draw inspiration from Gandhiji, who said, “In a gentle way, you can shake the world”. In India, the Government consciously tries to incorporate the Gandhian approach in its programs and schemes.

Last year, two yearlong celebrations to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji came to end. However, we continue to create awareness about Gandhji’s teaching and highlight their continued relevance as we celebrate Amrit Mahotsav. India is celebrating 75 years of Independence as Amrit Mahotsav.

We started the celebrations in 2018 with a mega event which was attended by over 1500 people. The event was graced by H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Said al Kalbani, then Minister of Social Development of Oman, as Chief Guest and Sister Shivani as keynote speaker. Sister B.K. Jayanti Kirpalani, gave key note address on the theme of “One Heart One Mind One World” in 2019 and on the theme of “Sailing through Turbulent Times” in 2020.

Today, we are honored to have the opportunity of listening to Sister Shivani. She is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and a TV personality. Many of you would remember her keynote address in 2018. Today, Sister Shivani will be speaking on, “Spiritual Awakening for World Peace”. I would like to thank Sister Shivani for her participation in today’s event.

I would like to thank the Government of Oman for its wholehearted support to our efforts. I would also like to thank our Omani friends, members of Indian diaspora and other expatriates in enthusiastically participating in the celebrations. Finally, I would like to thank the Rajyoga Centre for Self-development for partnering with us in organizing these celebrations.

I am sure that many of you would be aware that cyclone Shaheen will make landfall soon. I would like to request all members of Indian community to take all precautions and advisories issued by Oman government.

I thank you all for joining us today. I hope all of you will find today’s program enlightening and enriching.

Thank you!