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Republic Day Reception
January 26, 2022


Your Excellency Minister for Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Dr. Rahma bint Ibrahim bint Said Al Mahrooqiah,

Your Excellency Undersecretary for Diplomatic Affairs, Foreign Ministry Sheikh Khalifa bin Isa Al Harthi,

Honored members of the Omani official delegation,

Distinguished Ambassadors,

Members of the Indian community,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On the proud occasion of the 73rd Republic Day of India, it is my honor and pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you to today’s celebration.

72 years ago on this day, a young 3-year old nation, gave to itself a Constitution, a founding document to govern its re-emergence as one of the tallest countries in the comity of nations.

A Constitution that was unique not just for being the longest written constitution in the world, but also one that embraced within itself, the most glorious and exalted political ideas of humanity – liberty, democracy, equality, equity, justice and fraternity.

Today as celebrate 73 years in the life of our Republic, we also celebrate this Constitution.

A constitution that has stood the test of time;

A constitution that reflects the essence and values of India;

A constitution that has enabled the rise of India as a proud, modern nation;


Today, as Indians world over join hands on their 73rd Republic Day, the heart of every Indian beats with pride.

We are the world’s largest and a thriving democracy, we are among the fastest growing major economies and an advanced technology powerhouse.

Technology and innovation are at the heart of India’s youthful population. It is no surprise therefore that India today is the world’s third largest base for Unicorns with over 10,000 start-ups registered in the last 6 months alone. What is even more remarkable is that 40 out of the 80 Unicorns that call India their home were formed in 2021 itself.

India’s secure and successful digital payments platform logged over 4.4 billion transactions in just one month. India’s fight against Covid was also tech-enabled and tech-led, with apps like Aarogya Setu and Co-Win portal at its core, enabling the administration of more than 1.6 billion vaccine doses in just one year.

Green and clean energy is also at the heart of India’s transformation and under the ambitious vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, India is the only major global economy to have achieved its Paris Commitments on climate change, a full 9 years before target.

India’s achievements in the field of science, space, education, sports, connectivity and diplomacy are no less note-worthy.

All told, the Indian Republic has risen over the past 7 decades as one of the beacons of peace and development and in doing so is contributing with all its might as a committed and responsible member of the international community.


India-Oman friendship is special.

My family and I have personally felt the exceptional warmth of Omani hospitality in the wonderful 3 months that we have spent here.

Having lived and worked around the world, it is quite common to be welcomed by people of different nationalities to their homes.

But what happened with me in Muscat was a bit different.

In my very first week in Muscat however, an Omani stranger greeted me by saying ‘Welcome to your home’. Since we normally welcome people to our homes, I must confess I was quite touched by this unusual way of welcoming.

I realized in due course that this was quite characteristic of Omani hospitality – gentle, personal and exceptionally warm.


The unveiling of the two art exhibits that you just witnessed showcase our shared past, our shared heritage. A shared history across the blue waters of the Arabian sea that has connected our people with centuries of nothing but peaceful exchange of goods and ideas.

In this true spirit of trust and friendship, and given the triple advantages of proximity, connectivity and familiarity, the relations between our two countries have evolved into a comprehensive strategic partnership that straddles trade & investment, connectivity, health, education, sports, defence, and energy, to name just a few areas.

With our glorious past of friendly exchanges, and the strong foundation of the past 50 years - with hundreds of thousands of Indians making Oman their home and contributing to the Omani Renaissance - I firmly believe that the best in India-Oman relations is yet to come.

As Oman marches on the path towards His Majesty’s ‘Vision 2040’, India will be a ready partner.

A partner for the Omani leadership to make this vision a reality; a partner for the Omani people in their quest to build a new Oman of Renewed Renaissance.

To this end, I look forward to working closely with the Government of Oman under the visionary leadership of Sultan Haitham bin Tariq and in memory of Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, whose role in shaping India-Oman relationship we cherish.

Before closing, let me take this opportunity to wish, on behalf of the Government and people of India, warm greetings and wishes to His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, the Government and the kind people of Oman for continued peace, progress and prosperity.

Thank you once again to all guests for joining us today.

I wish you good health.

Thank you.


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