Global e-tender E-Tender No. 2021_NFL_74267_1 for import of bulk fertilizers: 50,000 MT of APS (20:20:0:13) at ECI, 30,000 MT of NPK (10:26:26) at ECI & 30,000 MT of NPK (12:32:16) at WCI

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NFL has issued a Global e-tender  (E-Tender No. 2021_NFL_74267_1) for importing of following Bulk Fertilizers:

 i.    50,000 MT of APS (20:20:0:13) at ECI

ii.   30,000 MT of NPK (10:26:26) at ECI

iii. 30,000 MT of NPK (12:32:16) at WCI

The advertisement of the same is published in Indian national dailies on 25th March, 2021 

Last Date for submission of the tenders is 31st March, 2021, 14:00 Hrs IST

The  complete tender documents are available on the NFL’s website under ‘Open Tender’ category and E-tender website . (E-Tender No.  2021_NFL_74267_1  )

For convenience, a complete set of tender documents is attached with the mail. It is requested that the attached documents may please be forwarded to all such reputed manufacturers/traders of NPK/APS as you may deem appropriate so as to enable active participation of major world manufacturers/exporters/traders in our global import e-tender for NPK/APS. 

The e-mail id for any correspondence in this regard