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Solemnization and Registration of Marriage

Under the Foreign Marriage Act of 1969, the Embassy solemnizes marriages outside India, where at least one of the applicants is an Indian. Applicants may contact the Consular Wing of the Embassy for assistance along with the following:

  1. Notice for intended marriage (4 copies)
  2. Declaration (by prospective bride and bridegroom in duplicate by each
  3. Sworn Affidavit by prospective bride and bridegroom (in duplicate by each)
  4. Declaration of intention to marry through an affidavit as per Performa.
  5. 4 (four) identical passport size recent photographs by each
  6. At least one of the parties must have residence visa of Oman.
  7. If one of the parties is other than Indian, No Objection Certificate /Affidavit (in respect of individual regarding his/her marital status and willingness to marry an Indian) from the concerned Embassy and the same should be got attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oman.
  8. Three witnesses (holding residence visa of Oman) with their original valid passports.
  9. All the five persons are required to appear before Marriage Officer for signatures with their original passport and a photocopy both at the time of submission of form and at the time of solemnization of the Marriage (photocopy required only at the time of submission of form). A copy of the Notice for intended marriage will be displayed on the Embassy notice board for 30 days.
  10. All the particulars must be filled in as per the passports

After submission of form, Newspaper advertisement is to be given by the individuals in local English Newspaper as well as English Newspaper in the place of permanent residence indicated in the Passport in India/concerned country. Text of advertisement is as under:

Mr/Miss. __________________________________ holder of Indian passport No. _______________________ and Mr/Miss __________________________________ holder of Indian passport No. ________________________ intend getting married at Muscat under the Foreign Marriage Act. Objections, if any, may be conveyed to the Embassy of India, Muscat, Oman within 30 Days.

After following the above procedure, after 30 days of publishing of both the newspaper advertisements, marriage will be solemnized on a fixed date and time.


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